Train Accidents

Georgia Train Accident Injury Lawyers
Available Throughout the Southeast

Our attorneys represent people who have been injured in train accidents, as well as the surviving family members of people who were killed in train or railroad crossing accidents anywhere in Georgia.

When a train accident happens, the railroad company's insurance company will usually send an investigator to the scene within 24 hours. As a victim, it's best for you to have a representative at the scene as soon as possible so the best evidence of liability does not disappear. As soon as you contact our law firm, we will send investigators to the scene to take pictures and interview witnesses.

If you've been disabled in a train rollover or a loved one died in a train derailment, call 1-888-469-4173 or contact us online today. We are experienced Georgia personal injury lawyers with a proven track record of successful results in derail accident personal injury and wrongful death litigation.

Our personal injury lawyers work with some of the best train accident experts to determine:

  • Whether brush and other view obstructions prevented the victim from seeing the train
  • Whether lights and other warnings were in place and functioning
  • Whether the train sounded its horn

Our Georgia law firm will effectively gather information relevant to your case, such as train speed, speed limits, crossing regulations, and warning signs. Our lawyers will and notify the railroad company to save the train's black box, which records train speed and everything the train did prior to the accident. This written notice is called a spoliation letter, and it is designed to best preserve evidence that could help prove liability.

If you suffered broken bones, brain damage, spinal cord injury or another disability in a train or railroad accident, contact a knowledgeable train accident injury lawyer immediately. Free consultations* and contingent-based fees* mean there is no reason you can't have a well respected, reputable law firm with over 50 years experience representing your legal interests.