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Workers' compensation laws (sometimes referred to as "workers comp", "workman's compensation" or "workman's comp") are designed to provide workers who were injured on the job or performing a job-related activity, benefits without the need for litigation.

At Westmoreland, Patterson, Moseley & Hinson, L.L.P., our attorneys have assisted hundreds of injured workers with their workers' compensation claims, including the coordination of all their benefits. We assist you through the whole process, beginning with evaluating your claim, filing paperwork, attending hearings, and, if needed, appealing a denial of benefits.

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Workers injured in the workplace are entitled to workers' compensation benefits following:

  • Further aggravating or complicating a pre-existing condition (e.g., hurt back from heavy lifting)
  • Injuries caused during company activities (e.g., a company retreat)
  • Injuries caused by company property (e.g., a slippery floor or a hazard on the floor you trip over)
  • Injuries or occupational diseases caused by the work environment (e.g., black lung disease from mining coal)
  • Injuries resulting from mental or physical stress caused from work (e.g., mental breakdown or carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Injuries obtained while performing a work-related function (e.g., auto accident while driving to deliver goods or services for work)

If you have been injured in the workplace, performing a work-related activity or due to company property (slip and fall, construction accident, etc.), then you should contact an experienced workers' compensation lawyer to assist you with your claim. The consultation is free,* the fee is contingent* (we don't get paid unless you do) and the service is priceless.

Macon Workers' Compensation Appeals Attorneys

We can also assist you if you have been denied benefits by workers' compensation, or a family member and primary wage earner died in a work-related accident. We are experienced in handling worker's compensation appeals for Georgia residents. We assist individuals who work for public and private companies, as well as state and municipal employees. Even if you have been denied workers' compensation benefits, you may still have a civil claim for your injuries you can bring through the courts.

If you have had your workers' compensation claim denied, or otherwise denied benefits, contact us today for a free consultation* to determine how we can put our vast experience, resources and knowledge to assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Free consultations and contingency fee apply to all injury cases.

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