Help With Injuries Caused By Overloaded Trucks

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a loaded tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler truck requires 20-40 percent further stopping distance than a passenger vehicle. This distance can increase significantly when the truck is overloaded and exceeds weight restrictions. Unfortunately, if a truck driver fails to take this into consideration when operating the 40-ton truck, it can cause devastating rear-end truck accidents, multivehicle pileups and other traffic catastrophes.

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When a truck accident results in serious injuries or fatalities, our truck accident lawyers make it their job to find answers for the victims and their families. Sadly, many of these accidents could have been avoided but for the negligence of the truck driver, trucking company or other negligent party.

Did Loading Problems Cause Your Accident?

The cause of truck accidents can vary widely and can even involve multiple factors. Identifying the cause sets the groundwork for determining who is liable for the accident and injuries. Oftentimes, the truck accident is the result of an overloaded truck or the extent of the accident is aggravated by the fact that the truck was overloaded.

Federal trucking regulations dictate that maximum weight for 18-wheelers and semitrucks cannot exceed 80,000 pounds. Trucks that exceed these weight restrictions have higher momentum, making it more difficult to stop.

Additional problems with overloaded and wide-load trucks can include:

  • Stress on the brakes can result in brake failure
  • Added stress on the tires can result in tire blowouts
  • Additional momentum and brake failure can decrease ability to steer
  • Increased stopping distance can be challenging with sudden traffic changes
  • Heavier loads can shift during transit resulting in an unbalanced load
  • Unbalanced loads have a high probability of causing the trailer to rollover, shift into oncoming traffic or other problems

Our law firm enlists some of the nation's best investigators and experts to identify the cause of the truck accident. When a truck exceeds weight restrictions, we work diligently to find out why and who allowed this violation to occur. Did the truck driver fail to inspect the load? Was the trucking company aware that the load exceeded weight restrictions? Did the company have a history of violating federal regulations? Did weigh station officials allow the trucker to proceed on the road after issuing a weight violation ticket? Was the weight properly distributed? Was a truck loading company responsible for overloading the vehicle or loading it improperly?

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