Holding Nursing Homes Accountable For Injuries

With today's busy schedules and dual-income families, more and more people are unable to take care of their aging parents at home. We often rely on nursing homes and assisted living facilities to provide a safe environment and the best care for disabled and elderly relatives.

Unfortunately, many nursing homes do not pay enough money to attract trained workers. As a result, many facilities are understaffed and residents suffer injuries due to nursing home abuse, failure to follow best practices or neglect.

Our Georgia law firm is committed to seeking justice for seniors injured due to nursing home abuse or neglect, as well as for the surviving family members of nursing home residents who died because of nursing home negligence.

If you or a family member has been hurt by nursing home abuse or negligence, we can help. Call 1-888-469-4173 or contact us online. We are experienced Georgia medical malpractice lawyers with a proven track record of successful results in claims for injury, disability and wrongful death related to negligent and inadequate nursing home care.

How Was Your Loved One Harmed?

Not all nursing home injuries are due to negligence or abuse. However, some common types of injuries and nursing home negligence are:

  • Bed sores (decubitus ulcers) caused by failing to properly reposition or check patients who are bedridden or in a wheelchair
  • Other infections caused by inadequate infection control measures
  • Broken bones, hip fractures and falls due to failure to assess a patient's risk of falling or to take adequate fall prevention measures
  • Medication errors, including giving the wrong medication, dosage mistakes and failing to properly administer drugs
  • Intentional abuse, including sexual abuse, physical abuse and humiliation
  • Death caused by malnutrition or dehydration

Why This Matters So Much

If your loved one has been injured and you think it may be due to nursing home abuse or negligence, our lawyers will hire the best experts to investigate. If the nursing home was negligent or abusive in caring for your parent or relative, we will work hard to hold the facility accountable and recover damages for the injury or wrongful death.

By holding negligent facilities accountable, we are best able to help prevent similar injuries from happening to other residents.

Taking Action

If someone you love has been hurt by nursing home abuse or neglect, contact us for a free consultation. Call 888-469-4173 or complete the online form. From offices in Macon, Albany and Warner Robins, we help injured people throughout Georgia and across the Southeast. You will owe us no fees unless we recover compensation for you.