Verdicts & Settlements

$3,250,000For the wrongful death of a young woman killed after being struck by a driver of a delivery truck.
$2,500,000For a psychiatric patient severely injured while undergoing treatment at a well-known medical facility.
$2,100,000Settlement for the death of an infant caused by a negligent truck driver.
$1,250,000Malpractice recovery for the death of a young woman who died after a minor surgical procedure from errors in the administration of anesthesia.
$1,100,000Malpractice recovery for the death of a young woman caused by the emergency room doctor and internal medicine doctor's failure to diagnose a pulmonary embolism process.
$1,000,000For resident injured as a result of negligent supervision in dementia/ assisted living facility.
$900,000Verdict for an elderly couple injured by a drunk driver.
$820,000For a woman giving birth at a medical facility who was burned from improper use of rubbing alcohol as a disinfectant. The electric cautery unit caused the alcohol to ignite.
$725,000For a customer in a national chain of warehouse stores who was injured on the premises. Extensive legal discovery by our firm showed a pattern of very serious neglect on the part of the stores throughout the Southeastern United States, which had resulted in injuries to many other customers .
$550,000For a man struck in the rear by a tractor-trailer truck causing the need for surgery to repair a herniated disk at two levels in his low back.
$550,000Settlement for compression fracture of mid spine to an iron worker caused by a defective product.
$540,000Verdict for a woman with a permanent knee injury after being hit by a negligent driver.
$400,000Settlement for failure to diagnose ectopic pregnancy.
$400,000Settlement for botched podiatric surgeries.
$350,000Settlement for failure to diagnose oral cancer.
$350,000Settlement for missed heart attack.
$300,000Settlement for hospital rape, negligent hiring.
$240,000Settlement for a woman who sustained multiple injuries when an ambulance she was riding in as an attendant was hit by an asphalt truck which ran a red light.
$125,000Verdict for a man who had a steel plate dropped on his foot at a metal recycling business.
$120,000For a woman struck by an inattentive driver causing severe lower back pain and the inability to work for several months.
$100,000Settlement for a young man hit in the head by an object falling from the upper shelf of a wholesale store.
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