Challenging A Denied Social Security Disability Claim

A majority of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) applications are denied. If you have been turned down for the benefits you feel you are entitled to, do not panic. The process goes beyond the initial application and a denial is not the final verdict. Options exist with the help of an experienced attorney.

At Westmoreland, Patterson, Moseley & Hinson, L.L.P., we have represented clients unable to work because of a mental or physical disability and in need of benefits.

How A Skilled Attorney Can Help Your Claim

A denial may be discouraging to you. However, that setback should not prevent you from continuing the pursuit of the benefits you deserve with the help of an attorney. The advantages of retaining legal counsel are numerous beyond experience and legal knowledge and include:

  • Attention to detail in gathering information
  • Insightful drafting of briefs based on the facts of your case
  • Persuasive arguments at hearings

After years of hard work, you expect that Social Security will provide the benefits you need when you become eligible. A physical or mental disability that lasted or will last 12 months requires an immediate application to secure past, present and future benefits.

Do not delay or jeopardize your benefits. Our Social Security and SSI benefits appeals attorneys are all licensed in good standing with the State Bar of Georgia.

When you file for an appeal of a denied Social Security benefits claim, you have options available to you, up to an appeal before a federal district court. As experienced Social Security benefits appeals attorneys, we remain at your side throughout the entire the appeals process.

Taking Action To Assert Your Rights

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